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ALFA Programme, an initiative of EuropeAid

The journal Pillku Procomún y Cultura Libre América Latina published an article about Latin project and highlights its purpose and results. It mentions the second place obtained by the Latin Initiative in the category: "Creation and development of skills and content for Sustainable Human Development" of the FRIDA Awards 2014.

Read the article here.

An article in Publishing Perspectives about the project: "LATin: South America’s Open Education Publishing Project".  Read the article here.

El Mercurio, one of the biggest newspapers in Chile published on July 23th, 2012 a note about LATIn project.

Read the news of the Chilean newspaper.

LATIn Project (DCI-ALA/19.09.01/11/21526/279-155/ALFA III(2011)-52)

Funded by the ALFA Program, an initiative of EuropeAid