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ALFA Programme, an initiative of EuropeAid

The overall objective of the project is to improve the accessibility to the Latin American University for low-income students, as well as to reduce the dropout rate due to financial reasons. This objective will be reached via the reduction or elimination of the cost of required textbooks, that sometimes could represent a significant share of the income of a minimum-salary family. The initiative proposed in this project will result in the regional collaborative creation of textbooks that could be freely and legally copied, printed, modified and distributed to students. These books will have the additional advantages of being easy to update and being in a language that the student could easily understand.

The specific objective of the project will be the creation and dissemination of a Collaborative Open Textbook Initiative for Higher Education tailored specifically for Latin America. This initiative will encourage professors and academic authors from different HEIs in Latin America to collaborate with colleagues from other HEIs in the region to create chapters and textbooks tailored for their specific course needs. These books will be freely available for students to read, print and share, and to other colleagues to adapt, translate, distribute and remix. The project will address the pedagogical, technological and political issues needed for such an initiative to work successfully in Latin American countries.

This project uses a wide definition of what is a textbook. While the Open Textbooks could be printed as traditional textbooks, containing only static text and images, they could also be accessed as electronic books o e-books with the additional capabilities of multimedia content such as videos, audio, animations, 3D content and interactive applications and the intrinsic possibility of being updated as frequently as necessary. In this way, another expected result of the project is not only to decrease the cost of the textbooks, but also to improve the delivery format, as well as the quality of the content.

In order to achieve this outcome several intermediate results will be reached during the project:

  • Methodologies for the collaborative creation of Open Textbooks.
  • A technological platform to support the collaborative creation, adaptation, mixing and re-use of Open Textbooks.
  • Strategies for implementation and adoption of the Open Textbook Initiative.


LATIn Project (DCI-ALA/19.09.01/11/21526/279-155/ALFA III(2011)-52)

Funded by the ALFA Program, an initiative of EuropeAid